More Nordic Folk Music in movies, games and TV shows  – our website is live!

If you are working with Nordic Folk or World Music, learn more about getting your music into  the soundtrack of movies, advertisements, video games, i.e. synchronization.

In the recent years, we identified a crescent interest from the sync industry towards Nordic Folk, taking part in Disney movies such as Frost, Netflix series as Games of Thrones or Vikings and video games as God of War. Viking lore, nordic noir TV shows, elegant nordic design, new nordic kitchen. The nordic brand is more popular than ever and it all needs a fitting soundtrack. Roots & Sync is a platform and a network for nordic folk composers, interested in synchronization and publishing..

If you are a composer, songwriter, manager or a record label focused in Nordic Folk or World Music,  Roots & Sync offers you knowledge about syncing and how to pitch your music to sync agents and music supervisors. Roots & Sync consist of two parts:  A web page catalog and a series of educational seminars. 

We are pleased to announce that our website Roots & Sync is now live! Here you can create your own profile with the purpose of presenting your compositions to sync agents from across the Nordic countries and worldwide.  In that way we are building a catalog of Nordic Folk & World Music, accessible for music professionals. Check out the website here:

During this forthcoming Spring, a series of webinars will be announced, focussing on knowledge sharing, skills development  and case studies about the sync field, with the aim to provide the Nordic Folk community a solid basis, to explore new ways to bring their music to the market. 

What is sync? 

Sync – short for synchronization – is a process where compositions are combined with moving pictures such as television, film, video games, advertisements and so on. Sync deals are then usually made between a sync agent and a potential client such as a film producer or music supervisor. 

Roots & Sync is presented by Genklang and Tempi, in partnership with Music Export Iceland, Music Finland, Music Norway and Music Export Sweden, with the support of Nordisk KulturFond, Koda Kultur and Region Nordjylland.

About Genklang
Genklang is an ambitious 10 year program in the northern region of Denmark. The aim of Genklang is to explore and test the potential of local danish and nordic music traditions as a catalyst for branding, tourism and health improvement. Genklang is a partnership between Tempi, Kulturskolen Vesthimmerland and Region Nordjylland. 

Roots & Sync took  place for the first time in the city of Aalborg, in 2019. 

Read some participants experiences: 

“Getting an insight of the world of Sync was inspiring. But also, getting to know the work ethics and how to approach people in the branch was very valuable information to obtain. Thanks, Tempi!”

Guillermo Neuenschwander, soloist and leader at Pachamama Band.

“Roots and sync was a really valuable session for us in VIIK. We learned a lot about how sync agencies work, and how to get our music heard by the right people.”

Elisabeth Viik , VIIK 

The workshop / showcase was straight and right to the point. We got relevant and usable info , tips and methods.  not the kind that you can google yourself to – it was a real ad-hoc showcase from professional experts working with synch daily, giving info on what they do and how they search for new music – including a very professional guide on how to present your music to a synch agent. The workshop was intense, informative – without any down moment.  Definitely worth travelling all the way to Aalborg to attend – It was also inspiring and I did come home with some  very usable information. 

Marisa Segala, Second To The Left